The path of a researcher

Being a researcher like myself has its good and bad. For the good, you researched something, you uncover something that no one has uncovered, you made a name for yourself. But that’s not the main point. A researcher gained its utmost respect when he has found out something that can help the general mankind, be it in researching a new medicine that can cure a worldwide disease, or even discovering a new way of doing things that can help people live better.

I remember the time when I was talking to this little boy, and asked him, what is his dream.
He looked at me, and said softly “I want to be a great chemist.”

He told me so because he has seen how his dad has helped people by being a chemistry professor, and has helped out in hospitals. I’m not sure if he knows what his dad is doing, maybe a chemist, maybe a pharmacist… but we are sure his dad is doing good works for humanity.

So I asked him “So how are you going to achieve your dream?”
He replied simply: Score As in my Chemistry and Biology subjects!
I was like… boy, Physics is important too!

So this boy was telling me he has been gone for o level pure chemistry tuition so that he can score a high distinction in his O level result this year, and hopefully get into a top college in the US. I even recommend him some of the top colleges in US, and even consider some in UK too.

When speaking to the young ones, I’m always impressed by their big dreams, and even more so impressed by their big heart to help others. The path of a researcher is never easy. I shared with the boy that he may encounter lots of difficulties and challenges along the way. Research can be boring, research can be fruitless, and he may even want to give up along the way. But if his heart is right, then all else doesn’t matter.

I really hope he will walk this path of a research with great faith, and serve the community with a great heart.

Here’s a list of famous researchers that has shaped mankind. They are the people I admire.

I hope he will be in this list one day.