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Understanding Oncology

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The branch of medicine which is associated with study of tumors and cancers is called Oncology. Oncology is made up of two words namely, “onco” meaning bulk or mass and “logy” meaning study. This is a well-known fact that every year so many people die because of cancer worldwide.

The doctors specialized in this stream are known as Oncologists. There is an associated term which is interchangeably used with cancer is “tumor”. Any abnormal growth or lump is being referred to as tumor. It is either malign or benign.

Only a malign version leads to cancer situation. There are countless research organizations globally spending millions of dollars with top notch scientists and researcher’s working day and night to break the genetic code and find the cure for sundry cancer forms currently known to us.
Oncology is predominantly categorized under three sections namely at the broader level:
Medical Oncology – Under this practice the treatment is done by means of medicine, to be specific chemotherapy. The chemo kills the cancer cells and helps body to get rid of bad cells completely. There is downside of this practice because chemo could not differentiate between good or bad cells hence even good cells get killed reducing body’ immune system at risk.

Surgical Oncology – This category involves treating through surgical methods by removing the affected area during operation. Biopsy is one such procedure where a small piece of the affected area is cut for diagnosis.

Radiation Oncology – This involves killing of bad cells by use of radiations, specifically high energy x-rays being deployed to accomplish this task.

There are further three sub-levels of oncology:
Gynecology oncology – This deals with study, treatment, evolution and care of gynecologic cancer like uterine and cervical.
Pediatric oncology – This involves treatment of cancerous and tumor cells found in children.
Hematology oncology – This stream deals with treatment of blood related infection like leukemia, myeloma etc.
The world is growing continuously in potential, capabilities, knowledge and awareness. But still there are few areas which refuse to buzz and continue to be the showstopper in our endeavors.

One of them is cancer treatment and finding befitting remedies. Even though we have limited knowledge on this field but we have discovered new ways to control and contain this dragon from scaring us.

Stay away from tobacco and alcohol – Under any circumstances, you should make sure that you do not even go near these. Tobacco is known to be topmost catalyst of cancer cells. Please avoid yourself and people around you.

Eat balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruits – Make sure that your diet has all the necessary elements which are imperative for maintaining healthy body and mind.

Regular exercise – From your regular lifestyle and hectic schedule do not forget to spend at least 30 minutes to an hour. Indulge into some or the other form like yoga, jogging, morning walk to keep yourself into shape and mentally strong.

Regular medical checkup – Make a habit of going to doctor twice a year for a complete body checkup. This is important considering today’s lifestyle.

Oncology has definitely given us ray of hope to fight this virus not only from the medical perspective but also through emotional support program that are being conducted and practiced by oncologist around the world. The important thing is to be more proactive and aggressive towards health issues.

You must have heard this saying at least once in lifetime that “health is wealth”. This phrase has become increasingly important in today’s time and it is paramount to keep a tab on almost everything that could even remotely affect our health including the metal well being.
For further understanding of oncology, watch this 1 hour video by the University of California Television (UCTV)