Dr Julie

The owner of the blog is Dr Julie, a retired lecturer, and a grandmother of 7 wonderful grandkids.
Thelancetoncology.com serves as a portal for science studies in their final year of study in college to learn more about oncology – the study of cancer. Dr Julie has devoted almost a decade of her lives into study of cancer, and has taught the subject for the last 5 years of her career.
Her passion into oncology begins when she was part of a research team back in 1967, and just that year, her dad was diagnosed with cancer, and that caught her off guard. Her family of 4 children didn’t know what to do. As the oldest child, she has to support the family, while her two younger siblings are still in college.
Cancer is present in her family, and it has took away her dad and her mum, albeit 10 years apart. She has chosen oncology as her area of research to raise the awareness of cancer in the society. This page was created first for her students, but as she has retired from teaching, Dr Julie still continues to blog on the news of cancer, and about her healthy lifestyle too (part of cancer prevention).
Dr Julie wishes all her students all the best, and hope they contribute back to the society.

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