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Why my friend looks older than her age?

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I’m not sure if this has happened to you before…

But recently, I met up with a classmate whom I have not met for 17 years. We used to study in the same junior college, and we were in the same class. However she went overseas to study after our college, and we lost touch for sometime. Only now, I found out about her facebook profile, and then hey, I found my best friend! So I quickly messaged her to arrange a meet up.

But during this meet up, I realized that she looks so much older. The fact that, we are in our early 30s… but she looked like she’s in her 40s. She is married, but not have kids yet. This made me wonder, why does she look older than her age? What actually happened here?

When I met up with her, then I realized a few things…

She works a lot. She is working in a pharmaceutical sales company, and has to travel frequently to meet overseas clients. As a result, she can be in 1 country today, and the next day, another country. Sometimes, the only place she can sleep… is the airport or on the plane. Her lifestyle is really hectic.

Not only that, I realized she smoke. Wow. When we were in school back then, she don’t even like the smell of smoke! But I’m shocked that she smokes! I asked her why, and she smokes is because of her work stress. She uses her smoking time to relieve stress, and also allows her to breathe more. I’m not sure about her logic, but I told her smoking is unhealthy.

She knew it, but smoking seems to be her habit, and may be difficult to quit. As her good old friend, I do hope she quit though.

So after our meet up, we chatted a lot, and talked about our life story for the past few years. I learned a lot about her busy lifestyle, but that also bring me to the conclusion why she looks so much older.

I chanced upon an article about aging: 

The article mentions 2 reasons why people tend to age faster. And bingo… my good friend here did 2 things – stress and smoking! 

The 3rd thing is poor nutrition. I guess she doesn’t eat well too, but I can’t comment much. Because I don’t eat that well too. Or rather, I just eat what I like everyday. I do eat fruits and vegetables, but i don’t really measure what I eat, what I don’t eat.

But as I get older, I tend to read more and learn more about our body. Because health really plays a part now. We can feel we are really ageing. I don’t want to say bad things… but when I see my friend getting so much older than I am… I really don’t want to go down that route.

This is also why I have been taking health supplements to boost my own health, to ensure my body is strong against all kinds of health issues. The one that I take now is called Super Lutein. It has really good nutrition to supplement what our body lacks. If you are keen to know what lutein is, and what is does for you, just go to

Also, I hope that more people can live healthier and age slower. We are living longer, so let’s all live healthily. If you want to learn more about good living, and healthy ageing, read this article. 

This old lady is going for team building this week! Exciteeeed!

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Working can be tiring.

Playing is fun.


I have written quite a number of articles based on my studies and research here. And it’s good that I always get responses from my readers. However, I have decided to take a break! As a grandmother like me, I like to write, but you know, age is catching up on me. I still feel energetic though, but sometimes, I have to rest.

Anyway, I’m joining my son in his teambuilding singapore indoor event this week. I’m not working in his company, but he invites me along because he would like to let me see how’s he’s doing at work, plus its time for family participation as well.

Through my work in the science filed, I hardly have time for all these activities. My team back then are teachers, are researchers, and mostly, my students. Oh wait, I’m from the old era where there is no Facebook. hence, my students and friends are not in the hundreds, but they are close to me. Since we are so close, we don’t really go for team building events.

So what am I expecting this week? I’m not really sure.

From what my son told me, there will be activities that involve young adults around 20 over years old, and oldies like me as well. When I heard that, oh yes, that’s good! I guess there won’t be too many physical activities which I have to sit out! I would prefer much more meaningful games which I can interact with everyone.

Speaking of that, I remember seeing team building games being held that requires you to run all over Singapore. It’s like the amazing race TV show. You have to run to different places in Singapore, from the east to the west and so on. When I look at the people in the team, they seems to have fun. But when I look at the oldest member in the team, he looks tired.

So I guess this kind of races are more suitable for young fresh grads who have lots of energy to play with. So if I were younger, I don’t mind running around!

Alright, I will let you guys know how my team event goes!