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How to inculcate interest for science in your child

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It is very important that you understand your child’s interest and encourage him/ her to pursue the career in the correct direction. You should never try to force your interests on your child. In fact, you can take him to seaview new launch to increase bonding with your child. There are many people in this world that had certain wish about their career in childhood. But, they were never fulfilled due to a number of reasons. Sometimes it could be due to lack of money or lack of other opportunities. When they become parent and its time to choose the career path for their child, they try to re-live their life and try to fulfill their wishes indirectly by the child. I have heard so many people say “I could not become an engineer because I did not get good marks in Science. But, I will make my son an engineer, no matter what.” This kind of attitude is very dangerous. You don’t try to understand your child’s desire. May be, you wanted to become an engineer; but your child wants to become a painter. As a parent, you should have frank talks with your child about his interests and help him become what he can excel at.

However, many a times we have seen that the child is not very decisive about his career path. Then you should try to mould him and test him to see if he can be good at science. Get various DIY science projects for him. Make an observation if he likes to play with them and if he takes interest. Here are some tips to help you inculcate your child’s interest in science:

  1. Tell stories: Tell him various stories about science and adventure. Talk to him about scientists and their life; how they contributed to the society.
  2. Involve in day to day activities: Show various instruments and gadgets to him. Explain him what is the importance of these gadgets in our life.
  3. Science Games: Children are very interested in games. Use this medium to involve him more in science. There are various games available on Play Store like “Alchemy”, “Science Guru” and various others. Introduce your child to the world of these educational games.
  4. Technology Shows: There are some very good shows related to science and technology on television. Make it a habit to watch these shows with your child. He might get bored if you force him to watch it alone. But, if you are watching it together and are available to answer his queries, he will feel more connected.

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